Who We Are

A Few Words About Us

Quality, taste, appearance, temperature and safety are critical to how we deliver our products. Our food is delivered in hot and cold thermal containers in order to ensure food temperature is maintained at or above health department standards.

We are conscientious of individual needs and allergies and will accommodate all necessary requirements. Our delivery is prompt, courteous and tailored to meet your schedules. We operate a fully inspected and certified facility.

Our Commitment To You

We will assist our clients in achieving their goals through efficient and cost effective programs. We will build client satisfaction by being focused on the quality of food we serve and the personalized service we provide.

Here's How it Works

Daycare Centres

  • We'll provide you with weekly menus that work on a 4 week rotation.
  • You place your order with us, identify any special allergy requirements and we will prepare and deliver to you daily.
  • Our meals are prepared fresh every day and made with the freshest produce, lean meat cuts and low saturated fats. Quality, taste, appeal, temperature and safety are critical to how we deliver our products.

School-Aged Children

  • Parents can choose what lunch item or snacks they would like their child to have.
  • Simply fill out the form online for each month.
  • Any changes or cancelations must be made by 10am the prior day.
  • We can cater to school as little as once a week and as many times as 5 days a week, depending on how many days the school decides on.